Going live with the Platform and what’s next

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So, let’s say I want to make a multiplayer game.

As a developer there are so many things to think about during development: designing and programming the mechanics, the entire user experience and interface, graphics, animation, sounds, music and countless of other things to plan and think about.

When we add a multiplayer framework to that it gives it an entire new complexity and its set of challenges. For smaller teams it represents a huge amount of time and resources that they may not even want to put in when making their games.

As people might know by now, we are striving to change that. Let’s remove all those layers of complexity and make it a much easier process. We are here to help developers achieve that MP goal. To reiterate we want to see more indie multiplayer games out there (this would make everyone’s digital or in person after-works even more fun!).

In our blog post ”Tools to help develop a Multiplayer Game” we mentioned three features we believe are critical for MP development. One of them was one-click deployment at dev phase. And today as seen on our social media (You should follow us by the way, would be fun to have a chat!) and our website, we are proud to announce that we made it and released it out there for all. That’s right:

Our platform is live!

Right now, our platform contains one main feature and that is the free hosting of game servers while developing. In addition, our clients will be able to see analytics and insights of their game server. We are making the process as streamlined as possible so they can get right in playing with their testers, friends or family without having to worry about setting up cloud services, port forwarding, firewalls, etc. More details about our platform are available on our product page.

Another cool thing is that right now it is available for free. We expect to charge a reasonable amount of money for this service once all our features are fully fleshed out. We are happy we can put a check-mark on one of our features and excited to add many more until our vision is fully realized.
But right now we are really focusing on the reception and the feedback on it so we can improve what is already there. We have of course tested it ourselves, both by experienced and not so experienced people alike (I have contributed to add one additional point to our guideline, as a primarily graphic design trained person you can figure out how well that went).

Going live with a product is a great exciting moment, but after we press our last button, we ask ourselves, what next? Well as amazing as being live feels it’s even better when people are using the product, so the next challenge is to:

  • get customers
  • improve our platform

Points which we have already started working on. Rome may have not been built in one day, but we have set our foundation and put down our first building blocks.

As for the next ones? Well to give some insight we are going to release a roadmap, so it is easier to envision our timeline and show the concrete steps we plan on taking to realize our vision.

At last, we are proud to offer this service to you and we hope you will enjoy it. Meanwhile we are going back to the construction site and continue working on more features that we believe will be useful for you.

Psst, we have opened a discord channel and twitter to facilitate communications, come check them out:

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