Unordinal acquires DarkRift2 and releases it as an open source initiative

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Unordinal is announcing its acquisition of DarkRift2 and its subsequent release as an open source initiative.

DarkRift Networking is a high performance, multithreaded networking system for Unity designed for speed and flexibility. It has already been adopted by many as their networking solution and been battle proven with several game releases underpinning its stability. Unordinal see in it a great future and would like to invite as many as possible to take part in it.

“We are impressed with the passion and dedication Jamie have shown this project over many years and we are honoured for being trusted to continue caring for it.” – Erik Åkerfeldt, CEO of Unordinal.

Unordinal will be guaranteeing and supporting the open source initiative and hope to build on its existing strength.

Seeing how it already today serves a niche and fills a purpose as it is, Unordinal would like to further empower and offer dedicated support on today’s version by maintaining it.
Additionally, studios seeking additional help to integrate Darkrift2 to their products can get on Unordinal’s enterprise plan.

We also see an exciting roadmap for Darkrift2 so that it fits even more studios. Unordinal will soon release a proposed roadmap and seek the community’s feedback on it. Seeing as the DarkRift2 community is an integral part of DarkRift2 we intend to nurture our relationship so we can help DarkRift2 grow in the best way possible.

“Seeing the vision Unordinal has for DarkRift and the amount of resources they have available to invest in it I think the future for DarkRift looks incredible and I am truly excited to see the heights DarkRift will reach with them” – Jamie, Original Author of DarkRift2

This acquisition is another step in Unordinal’s strategy to make multiplayer game development more accessible to users and expand their services to even more talented developers.

About Unordinal

Today’s multiplayer is suffering from old inherited codebases and running on outdated server setups. Multiplayer games don’t fully utilise servers and the gamers notice this. They are suffering.

Mobile games have mastered the art of making entertaining games that keep gamers gaming. PC games are still built around traditional server technology that pushes the players away with long waiting times in lobbies and games ending in rage.

Unordinal fixes this by cherry-picking the best innovations from cloud computers, database theories, and social graph networks. We want to give the gamers a better experience by fixing the server architecture. Also, we add a filed patent to keep players enjoying the game for a longer time.

More information about Unordinal can be found at

About Darkrift2

DarkRift Networking is a high performance, multithreaded networking system for Unity designed for speed and flexibility. It provides a robust set of features that let game studios focus on developing their game with full control over their networking. Used by thousands of developers it has been maintained by the sole developer Jamie over the last 8 years. Its received recommendations from Unity and is considered among the top 5 netcode solutions for Unity.

More information about DarkRift2 can be found at

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